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Acea is one of Italy's major multiutility companies that has been engaging in the delivery of network-related services of general economic interest for over a century. The Company started its industrial endeavours in the area of Rome, where it still holds a leading role in the energy and water sectors, then extending its franchise across the whole country by acquiring equity interests and participating in the operational management of other local public service businesses.

The Group, which showcases a strong financial position, operates in compliance with the Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainable development principles set forth in the Code of Values across all its business areas: the energy industry (generation, distribution and sale of electricity and gas, public lighting management, energy efficiency), the integrated water service (catchment, distribution, collection and treatment of wastewater) and environmental services (treatment, energy and economic enhancement of waste).

Today the Acea Group is Italy's leading water operator in terms of inhabitants reached. Moreover, according to the latest data published by AEEGSI it ranks third in terms of distributed volumes of electricity and fourth in terms of volumes sold on the end-user energy market. With regard to the environmental area, it ranks fifth in terms of volumes of waste treated at a national level.

Core activities of the Group

Acea's history



In April 2014, the ACEA2PUNTOZERO scheme was launched following internal strategic insights that led to a re-thinking of the corporate vision focused on (i) customer empowerment and satisfaction considering, among other things, the emerging expectations and highly characterised needs, and (ii) the opportunities for adapting working procedures to technological innovation and automation.

This project, which aims to help the Acea Group reach best in class positions over the next three-year term, entails modernising and harmonising working procedures and information systems in furtherance of mission-critical corporate operations.

The main focus areas include:

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – To rely on a customer centric business model that makes the customer part of the business, leading the different companies to provide customised services (customer experience);

Meter to Cash - To use group-wide integrated information systems in order to optimise the processes involved in the flow, ranging from consumption data measurement to billing and credit, the goal being to curb criticalities and reduce customer response time;

WFM (Workforce Management) - To manage people and operational actions systematically through automation, standardisation and optimisation tools with a view to improving customer service.

The leverage afforded by technology will be heavily relied upon to link the different focus areas described above, allowing (i) the inefficiencies caused by different system interfaces to be removed, (ii) ensuring that significant information is readily available for a smoother decision-making process, and (iii) creating a dependable and consistent information base that will in turn ensure increased information quality and integrity for the business.

ACEA2PUNTOZERO is therefore a general company modernisation scheme focused on (i) a customer centric strategy, (ii) the adoption of state-of-the-art technological and IT solutions, and  (iii) a review of the corporate vision and modus operandi of the people who are called upon to share and support the programme through their participation: these factors will be crucial to the success of the entire project.




Note: Figures relating to energy generation pertain to Acea Produzione, Acea Reti e Servizi Energetici and A.R.I.A., a company wholly-owned by Acea SpA; figures relating to the water services, pertaining entirely to the Group, refer to the main water companies

Acea SpA is listed on the Electronic Stock Exchange organised and managed by Borsa Italiana. The Municipality of Rome is Acea SpA’s majority shareholder, holding 51% of its share capital. As at 31 December 2014, other significant direct or indirect equity interests were held by the Caltagirone Group (15.9%), the Suez Environnement Company SA (through Ondeo Italia SpA) (12.5%) and Norges Bank (2.0%). The rest of the market holds 18.6% of the share capital (17.4% as at 31 December 13).

Acea SpA (parent company) holds the corporate shareholdings and discharges duties pertaining to strategic policy, control and economic and financial co-ordination of the Group’s activities. It also provides management support to the operating companies by supplying executive, legal, logistical, technical, financial and administrative services. Acea SpA’s macrostructure consists of corporate functions and four business areas - Water, Networks, Energy, Environment - to which the individual companies report (see Chart 7).

Effective 1 January 2014, the application of the new accounting standards in respect of joint agreements (IFRS11) is mandatory. The new requirements have introduced changes to the method of consolidation (from proportional to shareholders' equity) and the way the results of certain interests held by Acea SpA are calculated, especially with regard to water companies operating in Tuscany, Umbria and Campania. Acea continues however to act as the industrial partner within such companies and holds the right to appoint the Chief Executive Officer.

The Group’s scope of consolidation as at 31 December 2014 included 33 companies, which were consolidated in the financial statements according to the line-by-line method (see Table 4) and additional 32 companies that were consolidated according to the shareholders' equity method, including, as mentioned earlier, water companies operating in ATOs other than those located in Lazio as well as other minor companies operating in the water, energy, environmental and related service sectors.

No significant changes were made to the scope of consolidation during the year.



Table 5- BASIS OF CONSOLIDATION AT 31/12/2014 (companies consolidated using the line-by-line method)

Company Name Registered Office Equity interest held by Acea SpA Consolidation Method
Acea Distribuzione SpA Rome 100.00% Line-by-line
Acea Ato2 SpA Rome 96.46% Line-by-line
Acea Reti e Servizi Energetici SpA Rome 100.00% Line-by-line
Acque Blu Arno Basso SpA Rome 75.81% Line-by-line
Acque Blu Fiorentine SpA Rome 75.01% Line-by-line
Ombrone SpA Rome 99.51% Line-by-line
LaboratoRi SpA Rome 100.00% Line-by-line
Acea Ato 5 SpA Frosinone 98.45% Line-by-line
Sarnese Vesuviano SpA Rome 99.16% Line-by-line
Crea SpA (*) Rome 100.00% Line-by-line
Crea Gestioni Srl Rome 100.00% Line-by-line
Gesesa SpA Benevento 59.52% Line-by-line
Lunigiana SpA (*) Aulla (MS) 95.79% Line-by-line
Aguazul Bogotà  SA Bogotà-Colombia 51.00% Line-by-line
Acea Dominicana  SA Santo Domingo 100.00% Line-by-line
A.R.I.A Srl Terni 100.00% Line-by-line
SAO Srl Orvieto (TR) 100.00% Line-by-line
Ecoenergie Srl (*) Paliano (FR) 90.00% Line-by-line
Aquaser Srl Volterra (PI) 88.29% Line-by-line
Kyklos Srl Aprilia (LT) 51.00% Line-by-line
Solemme SpA Monterotondo Marittimo (GR) 100.00% Line-by-line
S.A.MA.C.E. Srl Sabaudia (LT) 100.00% Line-by-line
Acea8cento Srl Rome 100.00% Line-by-line
Acea Gori Servizi Scarl Pomigliano d’Arco (NA) 69.82% Line-by-line
Acea Illuminazione Pubblica SpA Rome 100.00% Line-by-line
Acea Produzione SpA Rome 100.00% Line-by-line
Acea Energia SpA Rome 100.00% Line-by-line
Ecogena SpA Rome 100,00% Line-by-line
Elga Sud SpA Trani (BT) 49.00% Line-by-line
Umbria Energy SpA Terni 50.00% Line-by-line
Acea Servizi Acqua Srl (*) Rome 70.00% Line-by-line
Innovazione Sostenibilità Ambientale Srl Parco della Mistica Srl Pontercorvo (FR) Rome 51.00% 100% Line-by-line Line-by-line

(*) Pending liquidation or liquidated.