Environment Area – Waste management


This section includes the activities of the company SAO, with activities in waste collection, recycling, treatment and disposal, as well as the A.R.I.A. waste-to-energy plants and the Aquaser compost-production plants.

In recent years, Acea has determined to apply its experience and entrepreneurial capacities in the area of managing the waste cycle.

This is known as a field of activities with very high socioenvironmental impacts and equally important implications from an economic point of view.

Group companies are involved in implementing most of the stages composing the waste cycle, including:

  • Treatment of municipal solid waste (MSW) and other waste types (green waste from segregated collection, industrial wastes, etc.), including materials recovery (glass, plastic, steel, other metals, paper and cardboard) and buried disposal of the
  • Incineration with energy recovery;
  • Production of high-quality compost for agricultural purposes.

The Group is not generally involved in the first link in the value chain, consisting of the collection and transport of waste to production and treatment centres, with the exception of sewage-treatment sludges: wastes produced in treatment plants for civil waste water. The waste sludges are collected and transported by the Aquaser company, controlled by Acea, acting primarily in service to the Group’s own water companies.

The subsequent sections provide further information on the operational aspects of the listed activities, stressing the advanced competencies and technologies required for modern and efficient waste management.