Water area


The scope of reporting includes Acea Ato 2, and Acea Ato 5.

Acque, Gori, Acquedotto del Fiora, Publiacqua and Umbra Acque are included in the reporting only as concerns water supplied to customers. Precise data on these companies are included in the section Water companies’ data sheets.

The environmental data on the water companies are 100% attributable to Acea, irrespective of the shareholding of the holding company in the share capital, due to the role in the business management of the activities.

Acea is the long-standing manager for integrated water services (SII) within the territory of the City of Rome, as well as now providing the same service for Optimum Areas of Operation (Ato) in four Italian regions - Lazio, Campania, Umbria and Tuscany. Acea is thus the national leader in the water services sector, in terms of numbers of inhabitants served. It is also active abroad100 with purpose-formed companies created in partnership with local and international operators, for activities with objectives of improvement in water services.

Overall in Italy, Acea companies serve a consumer basin of around 8.5 million inhabitants, with volumes of drinking water introduced onto the network of around 1,308 million cubic metres in 2014.

The ATO 2- Central Lazio territory includes the city of Rome and another 111 municipalities, of which 75101 were under full management at the close of 2014, and a basin of roughly 3.7 million inhabitants, between resident and floating population. In this service alone, the volume of water introduced to the network came to around 651102 million cubic metres (of which 483 million cubic metres to the “historic network” of Rome and Fiumicino).



100 In Peru, Honduras and the Dominican Republic; countries where, between the integrated water services and commercial aspects of the service a total of 5.3 million inhabitants are served. The percentage of foreign business with regard to total revenues from the water sector amounts to only 1.3%. In keeping with the GRI recommendations, the current report therefore provides only summary description, in the section Activities abroad.
In another 19 municipalities, Acea is only partial manager of SII.
102 Entries in the 2014 water balance are calculated on the basis of criteria identified by AEEGSI (Annex 2, Resolution No. 5/2014).