Enviromental report


The 2014 boundaries include Acea SpA, Acea Distribuzione, Acea Reti e Servizi Energetici, Acea Produzione, Acea Energia, Local Unit 3 of San Vittore del Lazio and Local Unit 1 of Terni, both of A.R.I.A, the company SAO, controlled by A.R.I.A, Acquaser, LaboratoRI, Acea Ato 2, Acea Ato 5.

The water companies Acque, Gori, Acquedotto del Fiora, Publiacqua and Umbra Acque, participated by Acea, this year consolidated in the financial statements under the equity method – are included marginally in the environmental accounts and only for items that are precisely reported. Water balances of these companies can be found in chapter Water company data sheets.

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