Acea at the Sustainable Supply Chain Workgroup of the Global Compact Network Italia: launched the TenP platform

In 2014, the Suppliers’ Qualification and Rating Unit, in conjunction with the Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Unit, continued to contribute to the Sustainable Supply Chain Workgroup established as part of Global Compact Network Italia.

The goal of the Workgroup, consisting of Acea and other companies that support the pilot project, including A2A, ANSALDO STS, EDISON, ENI, ITALCEMENTI and NESTLÉ ITALIANA (Ten Platform Partners), is to share and implement a tool for monitoring sustainability performance of the companies that belong to the supply chains of Network members.

Consistent with endeavours undertaken last year, a supplier’s self-assessment questionnaire (TenP) was defined based on the ten principles of the Global Compact of the United Nations and major corporate sustainability international standards. In addition, the TenP Sustainable Supply Chain Self-Assessment web-based IT platform was implemented, allowing information on suppliers’ sustainability practices from a supplychain perspective to be collected and shared.

The questionnaire addresses major topics such as Human Rights, Labour, Environment and Fight against Corruption and was designed in such a way as to allow companies engaging in any industry and based in any geographical area to complete it. During the year, the questionnaire was submitted, on an experimental basis, to a sample of suppliers chosen by the Ten Platform Partners and, still on an experimental basis, effective January 2015 it will become mandatory in order to be registered with Acea qualification systems for water, electromechanical and electricity works.

Moreover, in line with Global Compact provisions pertaining to the scope of the ten principles promoted by the initiative and further consistent with the development of the international guidelines for sustainability reporting (GRI-G4), in 2014 the Workgroup set out to identify some supplier-related indicators required under the guidelines to include in the pre-qualification criteria.

The Sustainable Supply Chain Workgroup will carry on the project according to a number of development policies: integration with the partners’ qualification systems, definition of mechanisms to drive sustainability performance of companies/suppliers, creation of tools for checking the accuracy of the information entered in the TenP Platform.


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