The public lighting system in rome will be changed with led sources: plan finalisation

In 2014, Acea Illuminazione Pubblica, upon the request of the Municipality of Rome, drafted the LED Switchover Plan for the city’s public lighting systems. During the 2015-2017 two-year term, approximately 189,000 different types of lighting units spread across the territory will be covered, with the longer life of lighting sources generating considerable energy savings and a reduction in maintenance operations.

The Plan was prepared firstly by classifying the streets according to the UNI 11248 standard and then assigning to each of them a luminance value consistent with the standard. Finally, specific site inspections continued to be carried out to ensure that the correct lighting engineering category was applied with a view to the related energy savings. In December, an initial installation involving about 900 LED lighting units (replacing lighting units with High Pressure Sodium lamps) was completed in the areas of Tor Sapienza and Pigneto due to safety-related problems. The above installations allowed energy savings data to be checked on-site, showing savings in the region of 55%, in line with the agreements reached with Roma Capitale.

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