Superfast Internet in Rome: status at 2014

The operations under the memorandum of understanding entered into in 2013 with Fastweb and Telecom to extend the ultra-broadband network across the Municipality of Rome, reaching connection speeds up to 100 Mbit/s, continued. The MoU guarantees the coordination of operations among the three companies while minimising any inconvenience the citizens may face as a result of road works. 4,600 new electricity supply points will be rolled out approximately, applying techniques that minimise the environmental impact when deploying capabilities, such as no-dig (i.e., laying optic fibre without open-air trenches) and mini trenches that minimise excavation work. At 31/12/2014, Acea Distribuzione commissioned 2,500 new electricity supply points, totalling 38.2 km of excavation.

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