The first Water House was inaugurated: free-of-charge natural and sparkling cool water dispensers will be deployed in Rome and related provincial districts

Upon request of the Mayors of the municipalities falling within ATO 2 - Central Lazio, in its capacity as operator entrusted with the management of the Integrated Water Service Acea Ato 2 agreed to rolling out on-tap natural/sparkling cool water dispensers known as “Case dell’acqua” (Water Houses). By Resolution No. 9/2014. the ATO 2 Mayors’ Conference approved the investment scheme, including the operation in the 2014/2017 Investment Plan, with funding being allocated in the region of 3 million euros over three years.

During the course of 2014, the first prototype was built based on the corporate logo model, subject to appropriate adjustments, highlighting Acea core businesses: Water, Energy and Environment. They are in point of fact state-of-the-art natural and sparkling water supply facilities that distribute network water (i.e., the same water as that supplied by city aqueducts) free of charge: excellent and safe drinking water certified by strict controls conducted by Acea and the relevant local health authorities on a regular basis. Water Houses comply with specific regulations governing food supply and safety, have a 180 l/h flow rate, allowing a 1-litre bottle to be filled in 20 seconds, are fitted with monitoring equipment in synch with Acea Ato 2 remote control systems, and even showcase power supply sockets enabling cellular phones and tablets (or any USB device) to be charged.

The first Water House was installed in Rome at Acea Headoffice in Piazzale Ostiense 2 and was inaugurated on 30 September 2014. During the experimental phase, 20 Water Houses will be deployed in Rome and related provincial districts, although the project aims at rolling out up to 100 installations over the next three years.

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