St. Peter’s Basilica illuminated using LED technology

In December 1999, the new lighting system of St. Peter’s Basilica deployed by Acea for the 2000 Great Jubilee was inaugurated in the presence of Pope John Paul II. Fifteen years later, the new system was inaugurated in the presence of ecclesiastical and institutional authorities. Although the system was based on the previous lighting design, it included the installation of as many as 340 LED luminaires, with smaller sized and high efficiency lamps to enhance the shape of the architectural structures and colour shades to the fullest extent.

Work performed on St. Peter’s Basilica by Acea for the city of Rome included lighting installations for the Dome, Tambour, Lantern, minor lateral domes, façade, windows and Blessing Room. Moreover, for the first time Acea illuminated St. Peter’s Main Altar and Baldacchino inside the Basilica. In addition to illuminating the entire Basilica with fresh new light, the operation allowed energy consumption to be reduced by 70%, focusing again on environmental protection issues.

This major operation was completed choosing and employing all-Italian technologies and manpower, such as firm A&G’s highly skilled team performing rope work and the luminaires supplied by Piedmont-based firm Diamante Lighting.

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