The “Luce. Diversità è Energia” (Light. Diversity means Energy) project

After providing support for the lighting system along via del Corso designed for the countries participating in Expo 2015, in the year under review Acea, in conjunction with Roma Capitale, chose to celebrate Christmas by also lighting some suburban areas of Rome. Through innovative digital animations designed by major Roman and international street artists, the façades of three schools were illuminated in the neighbourhoods of Tor Sapienza (Istituto Comprensivo “Piazza De Cupis”), Torpignattara (Scuola primaria “Carlo Pisacane”- Istituto Comprensivo “Via Ferraironi”) and Pigneto (Istituto Superiore Europa “Virginia Woolf”).

The event took place in Rome from 19 December 2014 to 4 January 2015, with a closing day on 6 January at Piazza del Popolo.

By staging this event Acea meant to convey a concrete message about its focus on the issue of city suburbs, which on the one hand are often the scene of social unrest and a more widespread hardship and, on the other hand, are home to new forms of cultural aggregation, art and socialisation. For this very reason, during the Christmas season Acea relied on the support of Urban Artists who started out in these areas, realising works of art conveying universal messages such as integration, multiculturalism and attention to diversity. A major input came from the involvement of schools, viewing them as a place where the core values of open dialogue, integration and acceptance of diversity are taught. The three schools involved also received support from Acea through a donation to foster learning activities on the subject of social inclusion and integration.

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