EIB investment for increased water service in rome and Lazio

In August 2014, the European Investment Bank (EIB) confirmed financing totalling 200 million euros in support of the Acea investment plan for ATO 2 Central Lazio water infrastructure. The financing inserts in a total investment plan of 680 million euros, programmed over four years. Prior to this decision in favour of Acea, the EIB conducted a detailed technical investigation, which recognised the adherence of the planned infrastructure interventions to sound principles of socio-environmental sustainability. The investments are for around 30 maintenance and construction projects featuring improvement in local environmental conditions, through increased capacity of wastewater treatment systems, improved safety standards, rebuilding of water-sewer networks, protection of water sources, and finally improved quality in customer water supply thanks to new extraction and treatment plants and renovation to existing ones. The financing agreement is part of a long-standing relationship between Acea and the EIB, whose mission is financing sustainable development in the EC nations. 

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