Emergency management for electrical distribution networks

The Emergency Management Plan for Acea Distribuzione defines the different states of activation (ordinary, alert, alarm and emergency), in function of the operational and environmental conditions. It sets out the procedures for activation and termination of these states; the units involved and their respective roles; the resource materials necessary for the operational maintenance and recovery of systems and equipment. Finally, it provides for identification of the Emergency Management Chief and defines the specific resources to be dedicated to security operations in the different cases foreseen.

The detailed Operational Plans provide precise indication of the methods for managing different types of exceptional situations (floods, fire, breakdown in informatics-control systems, failures in power and supply systems for major utilities, etc.) with accompanying indications of the management procedures, materials, equipment and resources necessary. For example, the operational documents indicate the procedures to re-activate the electrical system in the case of a blackout of the National Transmission Grid (RTN), and the procedures for returning power to strategic consumers (e.g. the houses of parliament, government offices, Vatican State, etc.).

The Master Plan and detailed Operational Plans are available on company intranet, accessible only by authorised personal passwords. Acea updates the plans annually, as well as continuously improving them based on the periodic analysis of actual events.

Acea also tests the effectiveness of the emergency response procedures and infrastructure through practice exercises. For example, in 2014 the procedures for backing up the Central Control System for the electrical distribution grid were tested.

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